National African-American Greek-Letter Association

NAAGLA upholds the highest standards for non-governed African-American collegiate Greek Letter sororities and fraternities founded at online & other universities, ensuring integrity and excellence in their operations.

What We Do

Discover how we assist African-American collegiate Greek sororities and fraternities thrive.

Regulatory Guidance

Ensure compliance with regulations for successful operations.

Membership Support

Assist in retaining and growing your organization's membership base.

Community Involvement

Engage in activities that benefit and strengthen the community.

Get to Know NAAGLA

The National African-American Greek-Letter Association (NAAGLA) is a non-profit corporation serving as the regulatory authority for non-regulated African-American collegiate Greek Letter sororities and fraternities established at online and other universities. Our mission is to provide continuous guidance and support to ensure these organizations can effectively manage their operations and advance their missions.


Get support and leadership. We value your growth and success.

Regulatory Guidance

Ensure your organization remains compliant with all regulatory operations.

Community Involvement

Participate in collective fundraising and community service initiatives.

Membership Support

Receive support on membership retention and requirements.

Events and Networking

Attend events like Greek Fest, Greek Step Shows, Picnics and Conferences for networking and friendly competition.

Gamma Theta Xi Sorority, Incorporated

Welcome our newest Prominent Chartered organization

Gamma Theta Xi Sorority, Incorporated

Established in 2024, Gamma Theta Xi Sorority, Incorporated is a collegiate non-profit organization with undergraduate, graduate, and alumni members across five NAAGLA chartered chapters. As a community-focused African American Greek Letter Organization, our mission is centered on promoting sisterhood, leadership, and academic excellence. Emphasizing unity, service, and empowerment, we strive to foster positive change and inspire others through our commitment to community-driven initiatives.

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